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Slimwearr™️ Sauna Shaper Pant.2.0


Ready to start losing weight without even trying! With The Sauna Shaper 2.0!

  •  Can Make You Sweat 3 Times More Like Never Before
  •  Made Up of Neoprene Material | Comfortable to Wear
  •  Suitable for Gym, Exercising, Walking, Yoga & More

How The Sauna Shapers Work

The inner layers increase body temperature and sweat while its outer layer is super absorbent so that you sweat on the inside and stay dry on the outside. The scientific design and compression help in correcting posture, flatten abdomen, firm tummy, and love handles leading to a more molded figure and visually trim weight. 

Sweat those unwanted fats and flabs away and support a healthy lifestyle with our Sauna Shaper Pants. You can sweat 24/7 without anyone noticing and get the figure you've always dreamed of!

It will also help, purify your body, tone your muscles, improve the elasticity of your skin, and lift your glutes all while losing weight. Your life won't change, but your body will!


The Sauna Hot Shaper Pants effectively heats up your core body temperature and then burns excess calories in your body by retaining body heat allowing you to sweat more!

  • Promotes weight loss by preserving body heat and stimulating water loss during exercise  
  • Special neotex material increases body temperature and absorbs sweat so you're always dry on the outside
  • Comfortable, light-weight, stretchy fabric molds and moves with your body while performing any activity
  • Provides instant abdominal compression and lumbar support
  • Trendy simple design looks great and matches with any combination of workout tops or shirts

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